Story of Girlfriend fucked by several BBC

I’m a good girlfriend, but my boyfriend pissed me off at party night. That did not prevent me from staying without a party, because I really wanted to party. And what a great time had it. Who was going to tell me that night I would end up meet many people, and when I say meet many people, you understand what I mean ?.

I started dancing with 6 black guys, one of them heavily tattooed, they began to open their shirts and show their pecs and they were all very strong.

With drinking, dancing and those strong black men I started to get very horny, I started to imagine them in bed penetrating me everywhere …

My boyfriend showed up but those 6 great bodies pushed him away right away.

By then I was very horny and even I let them take my clothes off. They began to undress me with my consent while I danced them sensually.

When we were all almost naked, one of them took me on the shoulders and they led me to a room. Suddenly I was with 6 very strong black naked in a room. I was amazed by those 6 big erect black cocks.

I started touching those big cocks, surprised and excited at how big they were. While they touched my breasts, nipples, pussy, … everything ?.

I began to suck those penises, they did not enter my throat because of how big they were, although I tried to put it as deep as I could. I sucked in and out as fast as I could, I was very horny and I just wanted to excite them to start penetrating me.

As they were so strong, one of them took me and put me on his shoulder with his ass in pomp leaving my pussy at the perfect height for another boy to suck it.

Then they all caught me with my legs spread in the air and one of them began to suck my pussy while he put his fingers. Incredible how excited I was at that moment, so much that between how well he ate it and the movement of his fingers penetrating me, I finally ended up splashing with a squirting of pure pleasure.

You could no longer say that I was not wet and we were all excited, it was time to distribute pleasure, I got on all fours on the bed surrounded by those black men with big penises masturbating in front of me and I started sucking each one of them.

The good things started, they began to penetrate me, first through the mouth and through the pussy at the same time while I masturbated them, I needed more hands and holes for so much penis, but I was so excited that I wanted them all.

When I was very, very horny, the good began, they began to penetrate my pussy and ass at the same time and while I was sucking another penis. I already had three big black cocks inside me and another 3 waiting. I was doing a gangbang with 6 bbc.

They put me in all positions, on all fours with one below and one above, on my back with one below and one above while I masturbated their other two cocks, slapping me on the ass while they penetrated me, … we did everything thath you can imagine?.

After fucking me in every possible way, they put me on my back on the bed with my legs spread apart and while they penetrated my anus they masturbated me until I got another squirting.

Those 6 blacks ended up very satisfied by cumming on me and I was much more satisfied, who was going to tell me how well the party would end that night ?.

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