He left my ass gaped and I loved it

I am a lucky girl, I am lucky to live in a mansion with all kinds of luxuries, I am also young and very active.

When we arrive on a trip, the first thing i think about is dressing up and starting to dilate my ass and prepare it for my husband. It is an advantage not to have to think about anything else, for me and for him.

SoI have small tits, but they are big enough to enjoy them. I’m also thin and everything usually looks good on me.

I like to change my clothes looking at myself in the mirror to see what my husband will see and imagine how excited he will be. Before changing, looking in the mirror I begin to dilate my ass, I love that moment, when I feel how it enters and exits from behind thinking that later what will enter will be bigger and go faster, mmm.

After dilating it, I put on the anal plug to keep the anus dilated and it also helps me keep myself very horny.

When I have my anus ready, I go to look for my husband with the lubricant in hand, it is very important to enjoy it both.

We have a very comfortable bed in the garden, he usually puts himself there, so I go there and undress in front of him. I love it when my husband doesn’t expect me to have my anus already prepared and with the butt plug inside. He gets so horny that he can’t wait and he starts pouring all the lube on me and starts playing with my anus.

I love that feeling when he starts to slide the butt plug in and out, I only think about starting to suck his penis and that’s what I do as soon as he leaves me, I also have a lot of practice and I put his penis deep inside my throat.

When he is already very hot he begins to penetrate my ass very slowly, i put myself on top of his belly face up and he under me also face up, he holds me with my legs open and penetrates my anus over and over again. His penis is very long, I love to feel each thrust deep inside. Every time he fucks me, he leaves my ass gaped about 3 or 4 centimeters. It excites me to see my anus so dilated.

I also love it when he sucks my pussy, he does it very delicately but with intensity, He puts me on my back and spreads my legs to make my pussy accessible, then he starts sucking around my clit, until I’m already very horny and he sucks my clitoris very intensely.

We tried various poses, first the position on all fours in which I arch my back and the squatting one penetrates my anus again and again. Then I lay on my back with my legs open and up, and the one standing in front penetrating me in the ass, what I like about this position is that I can hold my buttocks apart so that he can see how dilated my ass is, i know that turns him on a lot.

After penetrating me with all possible positions, what he likes and me too is cumming on top of me. how i like that

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